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We use the term ‘The Exodus’ for the liberation of the nation of ISRAEL from Egyptian oppression, and the Bible record of their epic journey through the wilderness to culminate 40 years later with their entry into the Promised Land.

While the term ‘Exodus’ does not appear in the original text of the Bible, the subject, with all its details, dominates four Bible books, and finds echoes in most of the rest. The story involves a succession of the most profound miracles in human history. Some of those miracles constitute the epicentre of our Christian faith. PASSOVER is the prime example, as is the receiving of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

We live in a world that is shying away from miracles. The so-called ‘scientific’ mindset does not accept them. Everything has to be explainable, in other words, has to obey cause-and-effect rules. Yet the entire creation we live in is a miracle, and we are constantly surrounded by mind-boggling evidence of God-made rules of nature.

This book is a careful study of the overwhelming archaeological and historical evidence of the events surrounding the exodus, and is written to combat theological statements of unbelief and to encourage the faith of those who believe in the authenticity of the Bible as the inspired Word of God.

printed - THE EXODUS


  • Parcel of 1 - 12 books (2kg) = R60  (+/- R5 per book)

    Parcel of 13 - 30 books (5kg) = R80 (+/- R3,00 per book) 

    Parcel of 31 - 80 books (10kg) = R120 (+/- R1,50 per book)

    Parcel of 81 - 120 books (15kg) =  R180 (+/- R1,50 per book) 

    Parcel of more than 120 books (20kg) = R240 (+/-  R1,50 per book)

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