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“Farming for me was much more than keeping a few cattle,” writes Henry Jackson, a descendant of Zimbabwean missionary farmers. “It was a stance for what was right.”

Another farm in Africa is an account of Jackson’s life history in Zimbabwe. As a family man, businessman, farmer and Christian minister in a traumatised community, Jackson’s story deals with his childhood in Rhodesia, the war, a political revolution and takeover of government by a communist regime, and the resultant economic collapse of the country. During the farm invasions of the early 2000s where at least 4000 farmers were forcibly evicted from their farms, he and his wife committed themselves to care for and send messages of encouragement to farmers facing the loss of their farms and livelihood.

Jackson’s message was to be thoroughly tested when his own dreams were shattered. Invaders arrived at his farm, and he was imprisoned on false charges carrying the prospect of life imprisonment.

printed - ANOTHER FARM IN AFRICA (2nd Edition)

  • Parcel of 1 - 12 books (2kg) = R60  (+/- R5 per book)

    Parcel of 13 - 30 books (5kg) = R80 (+/- R3,00 per book) 

    Parcel of 31 - 80 books (10kg) = R120 (+/- R1,50 per book)

    Parcel of 81 - 120 books (15kg) =  R180 (+/- R1,50 per book) 

    Parcel of more than 120 books (20kg) = R240 (+/-  R1,50 per book)

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