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Col 3:15        “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful."

The teachings of Jesus are filled with references to the “kingdom of God.” A kingdom infers a king who reigns over that kingdom. In order to reign, the king should surely be involved in the lives of those within his kingdom, and essentially it is the king who gives direction, who lays down laws, and who demands obedience to those laws from the citizens of the kingdom. If the king is a good king, ruling without the all-too-common corruption that we see today, then the judgements which the king would make would be righteous judgements, and the citizens would naturally enjoy the benefits of a happy lifestyle in a peaceful kingdom.


  • Parcel of 1 - 12 books (2kg) = R60  (+/- R5 per book)

    Parcel of 13 - 30 books (5kg) = R80 (+/- R3,00 per book) 

    Parcel of 31 - 80 books (10kg) = R120 (+/- R1,50 per book)

    Parcel of 81 - 120 books (15kg) =  R180 (+/- R1,50 per book) 

    Parcel of more than 120 books (20kg) = R240 (+/-  R1,50 per book)

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