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While my wife and I were living in Zimbabwe where corruption was rife and where we were constantly being confronted with dangerous situations which threatened our lives and livelihood, the teaching of Jesus challenged me tremendously. As a husband and father to my family I felt a huge responsibility before God to guide my family and make good decisions. We had been violently attacked in our home and our possessions stolen. Our business and farm were deliberately sabotaged by politically-motivated people, and my life was threatened several times. Life was exceptionally difficult.

I cried out to God to guide me by His Holy Spirit, to make the best decisions. This book is a discussion of how the Holy Spirit taught me and guided me. I came to understand that the wilderness was not a place to flee from, but rather to embrace and use for personal spiritual growth. It is in the wilderness that our relationship with the Holy Spirit grows to a beautiful intimacy - if we will allow it to. It is our response to the wilderness that makes all the difference. Embrace it, or flee from it? I decided to embrace it and humbly allow the Holy Spirit to reign in my life.

printed - Embrace the wilderness

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