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Failures, whether personal or otherwise, must be one of the most discouraging experiences one can face in life. There is an underlying spiritual conflict that must be understood if we are to effectively combat the painful memory of past failures.

Failure and its accompanying lying accusations is a sinister weapon which the enemy uses against us to our destruction. To learn how to gain victory over the onslaught of the enemy in this area, it is important that we lay a solid foundation of truth. We find these building blocks of truth carefully laid out in the Old Testament history of Israel.

printed - Book 4 - CONFLICTING KINGDOMS - The error of Balaam

  • Parcel of 1 - 12 books (2kg) = R60  (+/- R5 per book)

    Parcel of 13 - 30 books (5kg) = R80 (+/- R3,00 per book) 

    Parcel of 31 - 80 books (10kg) = R120 (+/- R1,50 per book)

    Parcel of 81 - 120 books (15kg) =  R180 (+/- R1,50 per book) 

    Parcel of more than 120 books (20kg) = R240 (+/-  R1,50 per book)

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