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From the very first pages of Scripture, the devil has fought tooth and nail against everything God spoke. He used every tactic at his disposal: deceit, counterfeit, deviation, outright denial, and rabid aggression. He also donned every camouflage possible: a subtle and beautiful serpent (it must have appeared very different in Genesis chapter 3 from what we know as ‘serpents’); an angel of light; a great academic; even a saintly priest; and many others. The devil is powerful, but not almighty. He is clever, but he also makes misjudgements. He is knowledgeable, but he does not know everything. While he has some great successes, he also has devastating failures. He is determined and his attack is relentless, but he is doomed. His final defeat and destruction are looming ever closer.

The very first words Scripture quotes as coming from the mouth of the devil to man, are these: “Yea, hath God said?” and so, Satan placed a question mark against God’s Word. This is something he is still constantly doing.

ebook - Old Testament issues and the HEYDAY OF ISRAEL

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