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It would be true to say that most people would like their lives to be successful, and yet, the vast majority of people never achieve this. Dreams remain only dreams. I looked carefully and wondered. What makes the difference between success and mediocrity/failure? I have seen many learned men achieve success while others fail. The rich and noble follow the same pattern. Then amongst the poorest and most ignorant and seemingly insignificant, I saw some who never rise out of their condition, and yet others who rise up and achieve great things.

So what makes for success and how can we achieve it? Why, when all men strive for it, can some hit on the secret, and others fail miserably? What is success?!

I humbly present my findings to you and sincerely pray that this book will open up some of the secrets of the Scriptures to you. If these spiritual truths are not only understood, but also obeyed, I know many people's lives will never be the same again, businesses will flourish, and whole communities will be changed and blessed.


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