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The term “Baptism” is something which receives prominence in the Bible, both in symbolic form in the Old Testament as well as in practical application in the New. Yet when we study the Scriptures we find the term applied in three distinct applications – water, Spirit, fire - each of which marking a life-changing event in people’s lives.

In both its symbolic form as applied to Israel’s exodus from Egypt, their forty years in the wilderness, and passage through the Jordan river into the Promised land, as well as the New Testament antithesis we find that Baptism marked a dramatic turn-around of circumstances or lifestyles in people’s lives. It certainly always stood for something much more significant than just a simple religious ritual.

This book is therefore a thorough study of this subject, intended to bring about significant change in people’s lives as they gain an understanding of the wonderful truth revealed in this teaching.

ebook - Book 3 - BAPTISM, WATER - SPIRIT - FIRE

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