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I have just completed editing, and published a book written by my brother Japie Jackson. The book is a detailed study of Genesis Chapter 1 - the creation story - as seen through the eye of a scientist who believes the Bible implicitly. Japie presents very interesting scientific discoveries, and shows that the Genesis account of a six day creation is absolutely accurate, and could not have happened in any other way.

This is the Afrikaans version of the book. The English version HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN? has already been published and is also available on this same website. These books are a follow up from his previous books, "THE CREATOR AND HIS CREATION / DIE SKEPPER EN SY SKEPPING", which are also available on this website under the menu BOOKS, and then the filter heading BIBLE CREDIBILITY. Click the "Çart" to choose the book you want, and then when you are ready with your chosen list of books click "view cart" and then follow the instructions to make an EFT payment for the books. Once the payment has gone through, I will get a notice of your purchase and will then allow the PDF book(s) to be downloaded to your email address.

Visit my website for this and many other books and studies and Bible teaching material

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