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THE SACRED CALENDAR confirms the historical accuracy of the Bible

The Bible regularly refers to a calendar. It mentions months by number, and sometimes by name. It gives the dates in the relevant months on which the feasts, which God prescribed, had to be held. And then, of course, the unbroken pattern of six days’ work and the seventh day rest underlies all the reckoning of time, just as does the cycle of night and day and the seasons of the year. Even at the time of the deluge, exact dates were given for when the rain began and for when Noah disembarked a year later. And we see that even Noah counted the days in sevens.

Of greatest significance of course, is the synchrony of the greatest story - the passion of Jesus - and how every part of that great event was prophesied and fulfilled in every fine detail as seen through this ancient calendar. This book makes for very interesting reading, and will open your eyes to the truth, significance and infallibility of the Bible

Find the book on the following link:

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