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The poem I wrote for my eldest daughter, Delia at her Wedding

I kept it a secret – not even Mandy knew. When the minister asked,

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” I rose from my seat,

walked to the front, and recited this poem:


26th March 2005

Who gives her away?

That is quite a question you are asking,


Neither answer to be lightly given

Give our precious treasure away?

Not on your life!!

Not unless it be t’ward the very

purpose for which she first was



You see, some 24 years ago

Into our arms was laid

A precious gift –

A tender little dove

But with a charge:

Carefully counsel, nurture and love

Mould and create – don’t just leave to fate

Guide and protect this little bird

Until at last, sensing the magnetic pull of

God’s call on her life

She’ll rise, and with wings so strong,

she’ll fly a straight course toward her destiny

You said to give this little bird away?


A beautiful flower bud, she was.

‘Twas our joy and delight to watch this

pretty little bud filling out –

Each petal perfectly forming –


Until at last our delightful rose burst forth into full bloom

Her splendour and sweet fragrance radiating the glory of God

An absolute joy to behold.


Did you say to give our little Rose away?


‘Twas a seemingly insignificant little white stone,

placed in our hands

Only as each facet was being cut did we start to realize the value of

this gem

A diamond, deliberately and carefully shaped by the Master’s hand

Suddenly held high, its lustre reflecting the brilliance of God’s light

Into a dark world

Lighting up little eyes


Must I really give our precious diamond away?

Ours was the charge

To shape and refine

This Dream – of God

Precariously placed in the care of frail human hands

To guide this Dove towards full flight

To nurture this Rose till full bloom

This Diamond to sparkle in the light


What an awesome task

But a joyous one!


What is God’s dream for you my child?

What, the future God has planned

And what are you taking on, my son

What will be your Canaan land?

My job’s now done –

The race I’ve run,

And won

The batten I now pass to your hand


So take this beautiful bride of yours

And give yourself for her completely – like Christ did for us

Constantly washing her with gentle words

That to Him, her you might present on that day

In full glory


For both of you, this is but the beginning,

A hope in the making

A dream about to unfold

A springboard

A platform from which God’s purposes must be sprung

Your mission is now begun –

And in bringing you to this place, the greater part of my task is hereby ended

My little Dove has set her course,

My beautiful Rose is in full bloom

My lovely Diamond is sparkling in the sun

His will has been done


Therefore, Sir, with clear conscience I return to answer your question,

“Who gives this treasure away?

What shall my response be,

And what more can I say?

Is this the time, the person, the place?

Is it?

Yes! Yes! And Yes again!

Then, sir,


Thus my clear answer shall be:

“With unspeakable joy,

With absolute confidence, and

With our warmest blessings,


My wife and I do.

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