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Hos 2:14     “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, bring her into the wilderness, and speak kindly to her.”


The wilderness is the frontline where the kingdoms of light and darkness are in fierce combat. It is generally a place one wishes to avoid. If it has to be, then at best some might condescend to tolerate it. But to desire it … long for it … embrace it!?


Yet, it is in the wilderness that we hear the most passionate words of kindness imaginable. This book is written to encourage and give direction to individuals and nations in times of deep turmoil.

printed - Book 7 - CONFLICTING KINGDOMS - Embrace the wilderness

  • Parcel of 1 - 12 books (2kg) = R60  (+/- R5 per book)

    Parcel of 13 - 30 books (5kg) = R80 (+/- R3,00 per book) 

    Parcel of 31 - 80 books (10kg) = R120 (+/- R1,50 per book)

    Parcel of 81 - 120 books (15kg) =  R180 (+/- R1,50 per book) 

    Parcel of more than 120 books (20kg) = R240 (+/-  R1,50 per book)

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