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Often people find themselves emotionally isolated and lonely. At times, even if there are many friends or family around, this desolate feeling of loneliness can be overwhelming. The longing to have friends who really love and care can unintentionally push young people into decisions or relationships that are often painful and detrimental in the long run.

The desire to belong somewhere – to have meaning in life, to have significance - is a strong drive, which if not fulfilled can drive a person to deep depression and a horrible pit of loneliness.

Often such a person feels betrayed by the very people who should be there to love and confirm and guide them – their own family – especially their parents. But when the family is dysfunctional and the parents themselves are having problems of their own, the children and teenagers feel completely lost in a world that does not make sense.

It is here that the young person starts to have a craving for relationships with people who really care, or someone who can give loving guidance to their searching questions.

“How do I do this thing called life? Is there a God? I’m so confused.” It is into this confusion that this series of books attempts to give direction. “Learning how to hear” is the first step in the right direction to finding meaning to life.

ebook - Book 1 - LEARNING TO HEAR

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